George Oulton SMITH (1824-1901)

George Oulton Smith (1824-1901) & Rebecca D. McCormick (1835-1890) had 10 children.  The last child born was:
Lorenzo "Howard" Smith, born 14-Sep-1875 in Shinimicas.

Lorenzo "Howard" Smith married on 28-Sep-1904 in Halifax to Ida May Hayes (1880-1952) and they had at least 4 children:
Norman Howard Hayes Smith, born 29-Mar-1906 in Sydney

Avril Mary Smith, born 01-Apr-1908 in Sydney
Dorothy Elizabeth Smith, born 19-Jul-1909 in Sydney
Sidney Smith, born after the 1911 census

Ida died on 24-Dec-1952 in Digby... does anyone know what happened to Lorenzo "Howard" Smith or any of his children?

Thank you for your thoughts and clues,

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