Bedford Vance Croft of Gaspereau


I just realized I'm not receiving some posted messages by others and some of
my own postings again. Below is a copy & paste from the archived messages.

Thanks. Margaret's info solves everything genealogically.

I just discussed all of this with Margaret, who was married to Theo Levy and
married to Merton Rafuse. Here are her own words:

Bedford Croft was my half brother. I don't know where the Brown comes in on
Laura's name on her husband's obit. Ann Brown, married to Laurie Brown was
neither a Morine or a Croft. Mom had her between those two husbands and it
is believed her dad was a Davidson ? None of Norman Morine's children except
Hattie (Laura ) went by Morine . We all went by WALSH. Mom and Norman were
not married. Actually, Larry is Lawrence's son. but for some reason when he
got his birth certificate, it said Walsh, so he left it that way. Ann Brown
is a half sister to all of us siblings. I was the last of the 7 children to
be born with Norman Morine as my father ( Margaret Walsh ) Ann was next,
them Mom had the next 5 starting with Bedford with Lawrence Croft. I hope
this clears up some of
the confusion. I f not , feel free to get back to me .
Received today from Margaret... Cora