Re: James Phinney & Melinda Purdy

I have tried without success to find the parents of Melinda Purdy for years now. I do not believe she is the daughter of Gabriel T Purdy and Esther Angevine. Esther Angevine died in 1803 and is buried in Rose Cemetery Cumberland Co. Melinda Purdy who married James Phinney was born in 1811 and therefore cannot be Esrher's daughter. However in saying that Esther did have a daughter Melissa Purdy b. 1799 who married one Peter Dunn, and I suppose the names could have been misinterpreted. ( Melissa/Melinda)?

Penny Lane

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You may already have found this information.

Melinda Purdy was daughter of Gabriel Purdy and Easter Angevine.

Hope this helps some one.