Dominey/Dauphinee marriage Lunenburg,NS
NSARM, NS Kings County Marriages
Registration Year: 1926 - Book: 46 - Page: 436
Percy Dominey, 25, s, fisherman, Church of England
Liv., Fox Point, b., Fox Point, Lunenburg County
s/o Jeremiah Dominey, b. Fox Point & Susan Simms
groom can read &write
married 26 Sep 1926, House on Cheslon Rd, Hubbards, NS
License # 3923
Wit.: Matuda Graves,Hubbards; Ada Sims, Hubbards
Rev. Leslie Alda Todd,Hubbards, Church of England
Edith Florence Dauphinee,24,s,Church of England
bride can read & write
Liv., Hubbards, b. Charles Road, Hubbards,**Lunenburg County
d/o Ensley Dauphinee, b.,Charles Road, Hubbards & Florence Simms
Collected by James Welsh,8/14/2013