Thank you Penny re: Harry Spicer Lorraine & Jessie Cailes/Cail_ is

Thank you Penny for your posting on Jessie Cailes/Cailis (w/o Harry Spicer Lorraine).  I had seen a George Cailes with a wife Adora in the 1900 census and wondered if Jessie's middle initial (A) stood for Adora.  Now, thanks to your note, I know that is true.

1900 - Rockland, Knox Co., Maine
  George Cailes (39) b Nov 1860 in England - married for 5 years
  Adora Cailes (42) b May 1858 in Maine - married for 5 years
  & 2 sons, both born before George & Adora married:
  Elmer F. Armstrong (21) born Maine
  (Marcine?) W. Armstrong (16) born Maine


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In looking at the image for Harry's marriage to Jessie Cailis/Jessie Harwood. The image shows it was a first marriage for Harry & a second for Jessie. The image shows her a daughter of Charles Harwood and Lucy Thorndike..

However in saying that she had two previous husbands:
James Armstrong she married in 1 March 1873 and divorced him on 3 Oct 1893. married George Cailes on 3 July 1894, then thirdly to Harry Lorraine in 1906.

Her maiden name was Adora/Medora Jessie Harwood.

I have her death certificate and her divorce from James Armstrong, all provided by Alex Harwood from the Maine genealogy site..

Penny Lane, July 2013

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