Re: Margaret Spencer "panel"

Have tried to find more info for you but not having much luck. You may want to give Margarets' sister, Jo Sencabaugh a call @ 902 254 2183.
Good luck with this. I would also be most interested in reading the story regarding Russel & Margaret.
Regards, Sandra

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> In the Parrsboro Council meeting of March 30th, 2004, item 9.1 (e) there is an indication that funding had been made available for a panel to be made of two notable ladies in Parrsboro history, one of these being Margaret Spencer. Does anyone know if that was ever done and if so, what it said? It is a little bit of a long trip for me to drive out from Chilliwack, BC to see if I can locate it. I have an article printed in the Parrsboro newspaper by Susan Cove (date unknown) called "Lighthouse living was full of hardships" about Margaret's history at the Parrsboro lighthouse, which gives me some detail of Margaret and Russell's time at the lighthouse. I have a lot of close-up photographs taken there, and very little idea of who any of the people are, although I believe one is Russell's mother..any help would be appreciated. Thanks.