1921 Census

I won't put the full info, just the who and what page/family I found them on
for a few. Hope it helps

I may have one in a while misquoted the page by one


Census 1911 NS: Dist: 42-Cumberland s-Dist 6 Diligent River PD-35 (done
June 3)

Page 3, Line 22, family 25 - Living -Lakeland

Fulton, Arthur m head m= Nov 1868 42

Census 1921 NS: Dist: 55 (Cumberland) Enum. Dist: 33 Parrsboro Town

Page 20, line 5, family 198 - Living on Whitehall, Parrsboro

Lamb, Lloyd m head m= 35 NS married to Hannah McLeod


Page 21, Line 26, family 225 - Living on Lambs Hill, Parrsboro

Lamb, Augustus m head m= 49


Page 21, Line 19, family 224 -Living on Lambs Hill, Parrsboro

Lamb, Cordelia Alice f head w= 68 NS England England English
None (maiden name Manning, married to Isaac Everett Lamb d1914)

" Percy m son m= 29


Page 20, Line 4, family 210

Richard Albert 'Ritchie' Canning b1876


Page 16, line 3, family 154 - Living on Lwr Main, Parrsboro

Canning, Lesley m head m= 41 NS NS NS English Methodist ???

" Emma f wife m= 4

OH, and anyone looking for Arthur Fulton in the 1911 census it was indexed

Clarence Guilderson was indexed under a mis-transcribed given name so look
up by children

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