FOWLER, Duncan; died in Halifax County

NSARM death registrations  (Halifax Co)
Year: 1937 Book: 169 Page: 19
Name: FOWLER, Duncan
DoB: 1873-12-?? Parrsboro, NS
DoD: 1937-01-08 Halifax, NS   
Age: 63y
Cause: haematemesis; duodenal ulcer; cerebral thrombosis
Occupation: labourer
Marital status: single
c/o: Elijah Fowler (Parrsboro, NS) & Jane Henning (Parrsboro, NS)
Burial: 1957-01-11 Parrsboro, NS
Undertaker: Snow & Co, Halifax, NS
Informant: Freeman Fowler, brother, Parrsboro, NS
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