Re: Obit - CANNING, Margaret, nee Lewis, 1929

Thanks, Kathryn. I can use this one. Some minor confusion on her death registration.

NSARM death registrations (Cumberland Co)
Year: 1928 Book: 120 Page: 1008
[indexed as 1928, DoD and Burial written as 1928]
Name: CANNING, Margaret Jane
DoB: Nov 1877 Cumb Co, NS   
DoD: 1929-02-06 Fox River, NS
Age: 52y
Cause: articulor rheumatism & initial stenosis
Marital status: married
Occupation: housewife
Spouse: Rupert Canning
c/o: Jessie Lewis & (Frances Lois) Gilbert
Burial: 1929-02-08 Port Greville, NS
Informant: Rupert Canning, husband
[collected by EMKeys 2008-01-03]

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Mrs. Rupert Canning

Fox River, Feb. 11 - There passed away at her home here on the morning of Feb. 6th, Margaret
Lewis, wife of Rupert Canning, at the age of fifty-two years.  She had been an invalid and a
great sufferer for years, yet she bore it with great patience.  She was loved and respected by
all who knew her, being a fine Christian character.  She was a member of the United Church at
Port Greville and the Women's Auxiliary, and when health permitted, very faithful to her
duties.  She was also a Pythian Sister.  Deceased is survived by her husband.

Amherst Daily News Newspaper, Tuesday, 12 February 1929, page 4.

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