question re internet service

Six QUICK questions for people who are using Seaside High Speed Wireless Internet service.
1. Are you happy with the service you are receiving?
2. Are the speeds reasonable and reliable? (ie can you watch an online video without having to pause to 'catch up' every 30 seconds?)
3. Can you visit NSHVS and move between documents within a reasonable period of time?
4. Can you go to or .ca without waiting 5 minutes (or more) to get there?
5. When you attempt to surf the web do you get a lot of "Sight not found" errors?
6. When you telephone their office for service are you treated with respect or disdain?

Believe it or not these questions are related to genealogy in a way. Because of the ongoing issues we have been experiencing for almost two months it is becoming more and more difficult to be on the internet at all let alone do any research. I am interested to know if this problem is throughout their entire system or if it is only affecting this immediate area.
Will definitely appreciate any responses and will keep your information confidential.
Thank you

Have a great day!

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