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Unfortunately, there is no additional information listed for her in my papers. I will certainly keep my eye out for anything else that I may come across. Good luck in you search!
Shannon Littlefield

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thanks - I am looking for information on Jane Eudella "Jennie" (Atkinson) Gray. I think this is 'Eudella' on your list - She indicated her birthday to be May 12, 1876. She immigrated to the US (California via Vancouver) in 1912. My father had her death as Dec 21, 1933 but i have not be able to confirm. Is there anything else in the research that you are looking at???

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> Per some research papers that I have on the descendants of John Atkinson (b.1729 in Castleford Eng. married to Frances Walker (b. 1744 England) I have Rufus Atkinson (b.1839) married to Margaret Buchanan (b.1839) with the following children:
> 1. Emma M. Atkinson (b.18 Sept 1866 d.20 Dec 1876 â€" buried in West Brook Memorial Gardens)
> 2. Mary R. Atkinson (b.18 Sept 1886)
> 3. Eugene Carson Atkinson
> 4. Alberta B. Atkinson (b. 19 Nov 1869 in Hopewell, NS married James W. Kearney (b. 1867) on 28 Dec 1898
> 5. Anna Florence Atkinson (b. 17 Feb 1871 in Southampton, NS)
> 6. William E. Atkinson (b. 22 Jan 1873 d. 17 Mar 1909 buried in West Brook Memorial Gardens)
> 7. Robert Ensley Atkinson (b. 25 May 1874)
> 8. Everett Atkinson (b. 10 Aug 1876)
> 9. Eudella Atkinson (b. 1877)
> 10. Margaret Maude Atkinson (b.1878 d. 10 Nov 1913 buried in West Brook Memorial Gardens) a side note states that “she was married to Daniel Webster McAloney (s/o James Alexander McAloney and Sarah ‘Lavinia’ Atkinson on 15 Sept 1913 in Southampton, NS. Daniel W. McAloney was born 24 Aug 1878 in West Brook and died 11 Dec 1962 in Pugwash NS. He is buried in West Brook Memorial Gardens)
> 11. John Atkinson (b. 1880)
> 12. Frederick Atkinson (b. 1881)
> Hope this may help someone fill in some gaps!
> Shannon (Atkinson) Littlefield
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