ATKINSON, Rufus & Margaret (Buchanan)

Carson's mother and father:

NSARM death registrations (Cumberland Co)
Year: 1913 Book: 5 Page: 488 Number: 2926
Name: ATKINSON, Margaret
DoB: est 1837 Shepody, NB
DoD: 1913-07-30 Southampton, NS
Age: 76y
Cause: suicide by cutting her throat
Occupation: houswife
Marital status: married
Spouse: Rufus Atkinson
Burial: West Brook, NS
Undertaker: A W Brown
Informant: Hall Brown, 1913-08-01
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NSARM death registrations (Cumberland Co)
Year: 1917 Book: 39 Page: 104 Number: 405
Name: ATKINSON, Rufus
DoB: est 1828 Southampton, NS
DoD: 1917-09-01 Parrboro, NS
Age: 79y
Cause: senility; mitral regurgitation
Occupation: farmer
Marital status: widower
Burial: Union, West Brook, NS
Undertaker: John Pickard
Informant: Alberta Kearney, 1917-09-01
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On 03/11/2011 11:11 AM, David Winter wrote:
> Amherst Daily News, Monday, November 5, 1934; Reel #2672, PANS, Halifax,
> N.S.
> OBITUARY - Eugene C. Atkinson
> Southampton, November 3 - On -?-day, September 28, a lifelong resident of
> Southampton, Eugene C. Atkinson, passed away after over a year of suffering.
> Deceased was well and honorably known by a large circle of friends. The
> funeral service was conducted by Rev. B.W. Turn-?- of the West Brook United
> Church and was largely attended. Burial in West Brook Cemetery. Deceased was
> the son of Rafus Atkinson and leaves one sister, Mrs. Kerne-?- [Keaney?],
> Boston and several brothers in the United States. Brown Bros. of Springhill
> had charge of the funeral arrangements.
> Source: Dave Winter, 3 Nov 2011