Anne Eliza Church Hill & Susan Angus Hicks


I am trying to solve a mystery that is driving me bonkers. Both my great grandmothers on my dad's side of the family have no information on who their parents were.

1) Anne Eliza Churchill born August 1885 in New Brunswick (it's been argued that she is originally from NFLD and her mother's name was Hattie but the NFLD archives have nothing on her it seems) and died 1964 either in Tidnish NB or Amherst NS. She was married to Prescott Winslow Wells Dec 25 1907 in New Brunswick.

2) Sarah Angus Hicks born 1889 in New Brunswick and died 1941 in Amherst. She was married to Warren Leon Hoeg in Amherst Sept 1 1915.

Thanks for any help.