Cormier - Gratto Marriage

Could these two be related?

NSARM Colchester Marriages, 1918; Book #44; Page #313
Philip Joseph Cormier, Farmer, 23, b, R.C.
Living Riversdale; Born N.B.
S/o Dos and Marcella, Farmer
Lodesena Gratto, 21, s, C of E
Living Truro; Born Truro
D/o Banford and Isabella, Soldier
Married 26 Feb 1918, Truro
By Rev. J. W.? Godfry, C of E
Before F. Gratto and A.K. Godfry

Source: Dave Winter, 12 Oct 2011
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NSARM Cumberland Marriages, 1935; Book #77; Page #493
George Alexander McLeod, Asst. Engineer (Fog Alarm Station), b, 41, Baptist
Living East Advocate; Born Diligent River
S/o Malcolm McLeod, Margaree, Cape Breton, and Mary Wood
Helen Blanch Cormier, Housegirl, s, 16, Baptist
Living East Advocate; Born Trenton, Pictou County
D/o Joseph Philip Cormier, Shediac, N.B., and Laura Gratto
Married 8 Jul 1935, Baptist Parsonage, Springhill; License #32096
By Rev. F.R. Crossman, Springhill, United Baptist
Before Mrs. Roland Robinson, Springhill, and Mrs. Laura Donovan, Advocate

Source: Dave Winter, 12 Oct 2011