Re: Mabel Lois Archibald of Cape D'Or

Hi Dave and all, Joseph Harvey Archibald and Elizabeth Evelyn George
are indeed Mabel Lois Archibald's parents. Dr Marble states that E E
George was known as Lizzie d/o James and Lydia Slack George. Joseph and
Lizzie married in 1894 in Quincy Mass..[ his source: Mass Marriages].
She died in 1959. [ his source: headstone inscription Rodney
Cemetery]..Joseph in 1928. He also goes on to say that Joseph went to
the USA in 1890 and was a teamster in 1900 at Quincy. Joseph H
Archibald was a s/o Asa Daniel Archibald and Lavinia MacLean. Joseph and
Elizabeth George Archibald had 7 children:

1.Samuel James Archibald b. 20 Oct 1895 d. 4 Dec 1963

2. Gertrude Louise Archibald b. dec1896 d 2 may 1934 married Robert Earl
Patton. lived at Springhill and had 6 children. Seward Allen, Edith
Natalie, Evelyn Elizabeth, Josephine Ruby, Shirley Aileen, Violet Bertha

3. Harace W Archibald b. 17 Jan 1898 d. Quincy, Mass 2 Dec 1898

4. Mildred Archibald, b. 25 May 1900 d. Quincy Mass. 19 June 1900

5. Bertha Olive Archibald. b. 19 Jan 1901 d. 27 Feb 1972 married Daniel
Angus MacDonald 19 June 1934

6. Evelyn Archibald died as an infant

7. Mabel Lois Archibald b. 24 Oct 1905 d. Brampton, Ontario on 8 May
1990, married Horace[Hance] Cecil Ryan 14 sept 1927, children: Kenneth,
Dorothy, and Hollis

Source: The Archibald's of Nova Scotia by Dr. Allan E. Marble, published
in 2008 .I have a copy of Dr Marble's book if you need more
details....Penny Lane, Hamilton, Ont

--- In, David Winter <davidwinter@...> wrote:
> I feel this is GEORGE related back to Parrsboro but like Eric, I just
> haven't turned over the right stone yet to make the connection.
> Feel Mabel's mother, Elizabeth Evelyn George is a sibling to Frank
> born 23 Mar 1873, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A., and Hattie Jane (George)
> Johns.