Mabel Lois Archibald of Cape D'Or

I feel this is GEORGE related back to Parrsboro but like Eric, I just
haven't turned over the right stone yet to make the connection.

Feel Mabel's mother, Elizabeth Evelyn George is a sibling to Frank George,
born 23 Mar 1873, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A., and Hattie Jane (George) Slack

NSARM Delayed Birth Registration Applications, 1905; Page #99000108
Mabel Lois Archibald
Born 24 Oct 1905, Cape D'Or
D/o Joseph Harvey Archibald, Teamster, Born Folly Mountain, and Elizabeth
Evelyn George
Physician; Dr. Lawson, Advocate, N.S.
Application signed by mother, Mrs. George E. Small, 42 Lakeview Ave.,
Wakefield, Mass., on 30 Oct 1944. Affidavit signed by same, at Wakefield,
Mass. , on 19 Mar 1945

Source: Dave Winter, 3 Oct 2011
NSARM Cumberland Marriages, 1927; Book #49; Page #989
Hance Cecil Ryan, Laborer, b, 27, Baptist
Living Springhill; Born Thompson Station
S/o Michael Ryan, Williamsdale, and Marjorie Rogers
Mabel Lois Archibald, Housekeeper, s, 21, Baptist
Living Springhill; Born Springhill[sic]
D/o Joseph Archibald, East Mines, N.S., and Elizabeth George
Married 14 Sep 1927, Manse, Springhill
Before Mrs. E.S. Allen and R.E. Pelton
By Rev. J.R. Millar, UC of C

Source: Dave Winter, 3 Oct 2011
NSARM Cumberland Deaths, 1958; Page #99000108
Hance Cecil Ryan, Windham, Married, Laborer
Born 12 Jun 1900, Cumberland County
Died 31 Aug 1958, Windham, age 58/2/19, of Cardiac Failure
H/o Mabel Ryan
S/o Michael Ryan, N.S., and Marjorie Rogers, N.S.
Informant; Mabel Ryan, Springhill, Wife
Buried 3 Sep 1958, Windham

source: Dave Winter, 3 Oct 2011
NSARM Cumberland Deaths, 1959; Page #6408
Elizabeth Evelyn Small, Windham, Housewife, Widowed
Born 4 Jul 1870, U.S.A.
Died 8 Nov 1959, All Saint's Hospital, Springhill, age 84/4/4, of Cardiac
W/o Geo. Small (deceased)
D/o James George, N.S., and Lydia Slack, N.S.
Informant; Mrs. Hance Ryan, Windham, Daughter
Buried 10 Nov 1959, Rodney

Source: Dave Winter, 3 Oct 2011
Her 1st Hubby:

Springhill¹s Moss Journal;
Archibald, Joseph Harvey April 19, 1928 February 25, 1872 56 y George,
Elizabeth E. h/w RO b. NS; d. Rodney
NSARM Cumberland Deaths, 1928; Book #120; Page #643
Joseph Harvey Archibald, Rodney, Married, Miner
Born 25 Feb 1872, N.S.
Died 19 Apr 1928, Rodney, age 56/1/25, of Cardiac Valvular?, Heart Lining
S/o Asa Archibald, N.S., and Lauenie? McLean, N.S.
Informant; Mrs. Joseph Archibald, Springhill, Wife
Buried 22 Apr 1928, Rodney

Source: Dave Winter, 3 Oct 2011