Ivan J. Slack + Lydia - marriage date

Dave, Eric,

One small point regarding the marriage date for Ivan J. Slack & Lydia:
Although Don Lewis' database says they married on 9-Feb-1875, the image of their registration (on NS Vitals) says 8-Feb-1876.  If you change your files to 1876, the ages when married will then fit both bride & groom.


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No, but his marriage record says he was born in Parrsboro, so he must've
been one of them.

I have several James Georges (as I'm sure you do as well) but none fit
the profile to have married Lydia Slack.

More work to be done, more rocks to turn over,


On 29/09/2011 9:33 PM, David Winter wrote:
> Eric:
> Have you ever figured out where Lydia Winnifred Slack¹s m/1, (Capt.?) James
> George fits into the Parrsboro Georges?
> She went on to m/2 Ivan Joel Slack, on 8 Feb 1975, father of Alvard Slack
> and Margaret Bertha ³Maggie² (Slack) Donkin of recent discussions.
> Dave

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