Alvord Slack's children & step-children

Hi Dave,

I was wrong - I now see two sources that list Alvord Slack as Albert:
 -- delayed birth registration for his daughter, Annie Theodora Slack
 -- obituary for his second wife, Annie "Emma" Atkinson (that you had posted).

Just for the record, these are the children that I list for Alvord:
Ivan Robert "Wylie" Slack, b 17-May-1909 in Linden
Annie Theodora Slack, b 23-Jul-1910 in Folly Lake
Oswal (Oswald?) Slack
Louis Slack
Morton Gilbert Slack, born about 1918
Ellas S. Slack, b about 1923, died 17-Jan-1944

Alvord's second wife (Annie "Emma" Atkinson) had 2 daughters before her marriage to Alvord:
Jeanette Belle Atkinson, born about 1924, died 5-Nov-1992
Gladys "Margaret" Slack, born 1928

Am I missing any children?


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