Mary Jane Allen (born: 22 Dec 1837, New Brunswick) Who ar_ e her pare

Mary Jane Allen was married to Thomas Wood (born: 24 Sep 1832, Goose River, NS) at Cape Tormentine, Westmorland, NB, on 17 Jul 1855. They raised their family in the Goose River (later Linden) area. From my research, I have found it is usually customary that the wedding is near the bride's hometown. So Mary Jane probably came from the outerlying portions of Westmorland County.
Upon accessing the 1851 Census of NB, there are several Mary's listed about the age Mary Jane would be. Knowing censuses, her name could be listed any number of ways. However, there is one listing for a Mary Jane at the right age of "13" and it is in Westmorland Co. in Botsford Parish. The parents are listed as David and Sarah Allan (family #3378). The "an" ending compared to the "en" on Allen is common among variations like Reid or Read. Does anyone have knowledge as to who her parents are? Is it David and Sarah?