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Leslie, Here’s what I know about David Blenkhorn. He was a grandson of William Blenkhorn 1741-1813 and Olivia Ann Dresser 1745-1843. William was from Hovingham, Yorkshire England and died in Maccan, NS. Olivia was also from Yorkshire England, born in Colton, and died in Maccan. William and Olivia had 4 sons, Thomas, Robert, John and David. Thomas married Sarah Jane Seaman; Robert married Margaret Martha Mills, David married Dorcas Mills..Both these Mills girls were of River Hebert, and were possibly sisters, but I haven’t been able to find their parents..John was the oldest son of William and Olivia and all I could find regarding his wife was her name was Nancy. John and Nancy ? were the parents of David Blenkhorn who married Esther Hazel. Esther’s parents were John Hazel and Priscilla Spicer.

I found this information while having a look into Esther’s background.

John Hazel, a servant was brought from Great Britain,
to NS as a servant to the family, by the Spicers, a wealthy family.
.John was the first Hazel to come to North America,
John eloped with Priscilla Spicer, daughter of Lieutenant Robert Spicer and Lady Priscilla Chomondelay.
They eloped to Barbados, later returning to North America when her family finally relented to the marriage and sent furniture and silver to Canada as a dowry.

Mormon records show John as born 1775, Of , Cumberland Nova Scotia
and married May 28 1805 in Parrsboro, Cumberland NS to Priscilla Spicer

I did not record any of the children of David and Esther so can’t comment any further.
Hope this is of some help.
Penny Lane, Hamilton, Ont.

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