Ella M. BLACK of Pugwash, N. S., married to Robert Kidd_ , 3.11.1883 o

An interesting (and somewhat scandalous) tale, found quite by chance in The Post Express of December 23rd, 1899 -- a newspaper published in Rochester, Monroe County, New York.

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Hope this explains a missing family story to somebody in Cumberland County!

NS Vital Statistics show the marriage of Robert L. Kidd of Toronto and Ella M. Black of Pugwash on 3.11.1885.

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So the Second One Demanded a Separation from the Evangelist.

Some interesting details came out this morning on the presentation of the plaintiff's side of an action for separation begun by Ethel M. KIDD, of 267 Bronson avenue, against her husband, Robert KIDD, whose residence is unknown. The case went by default and since no attempt was made to defend it, Justice WERNER ordered that findings be submitted.
Mrs. KIDD's papers set forth that Robert KIDD was an evangelist. As he did not find this work self-supporting he combined it with selling patent medicines. The last time he was in the city, says the affidavit, he spent his evenings at the Stone street mission and his days parading the streets in a wagon drawn by a horse, both of which were placarded with a sign which read:
"KIDD's Cure-all Oil." The couple have not been living together for five years. Mrs. KIDD is a pretty, stylishly gowned woman about 25 years old. She was married to her husband in September, 1892. In 1896 she says she learned that he had married a woman named Ella M. BLACK in Pugwash, N. S., March 11, 1883.