Re: James Bain Davison of Wallace, Cumberland, Nova Scotia

From Cemeteries of North Cumberland, 4th printing
#40 Knox Cemetery - Wallace
Davison - all listed under one heading
David d August 20th 1892 aged 43years
Anabell died May 5th 1909 aged 92 years (single, born Pictou, died
Wallace Bridge NSARM)
Charles Creed born at Wallace Nov. 5th 1852 died at Norwood, Mass June
19th 1917
David died 1st June 1860 in the 61st year of his age/ His end was peace.
Jane died on the 8th day of June 1862 in the 84th year of her age/The
blessed shall be held in remembrance.
James B. died Nov. 9th 1894 aged 82 years
His wife, Lavinia, died Jan. 21st 1901 aged 88 years
Robert D. died Jan. 1st 1910 aged 63 years (Robert E. NSARM)
His wife. Mary A. Purdy, born Dec. 18th 1854 died May 25th 1915 (Mary
A. P. 64y died Wallace Bridge NSARM)

#41 New Knox - Wallace
Kennedy Mary B. Davison 1879-1964
Kennedy John A. 1907-1964

#55 Wentworth Cemetery - United Church
Davison Jane born Mar.6th 1800 died April 16th 1892 (no stone)

from NSARM <>
sorry I can't type all the details
Davison marriages Cumberland County
Robert D. Davison & Mary A. Purdy 21 December 1876 Wallace
Mary Campbell Davison & Thomas Brodie 17 August 1869 Wallace - Thomas
from Quebec
Arthur Davison & Mary A. Huestis 1 September 1873 Amherst
Richard Black Huestis Davison & Annie Eliza Jodrey 6 Dec. 1905
Amherst Richard is the son of Arthur Davison and Mary Amelia Huestis
born 8 December 1877 Amherst (name looks like Richard Bertie Huestis
Davison in birth record)

Barbara Northan

On Sep 10, 2011, at 8:51 AM, Terri wrote:

I am looking for info on James Bain Davison b. Bef. 1814 in Wallace,
Cumberland, Nova Scotia. He married 28 Jan 1841 Onslow, Colchester,
Nova Scotia to Lavinia Dickson b. 04 Feb 1813 Onslow. I think his
parents were Thomas Davison and Janet Urquart. I am also seeking info
on thier children, Arthur Davison b. 1844 in Wallace, Mary Campbell
Davison, David Davison, Dickson Robert Davison b. Oct 1846 and m. Mary
Araminta Purdy, and Charles Creed Davison d. 19 Jan 1917 in Norwood,
MA. USA. As you can see, my info is sketchy at best and any help would
be greatly appreciated.

Terri Hamblin

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