Re: Gary Haliburton Boss of Rodney; Pettigrew and Churchill re_ lated

Hi Eric:

Just a question on the NSARM death registration below:

Which is wrong the DoB: 1949-03-28 or DoD: 1950-02-13 or Age: 2y 10m 16d

Because if Larry was two years plus upon death then birth year is wrong or the age is wrong. Just wondered??


--- In, Eric Keys <keysie@...> wrote:
> His predeceased brother, Larry, a prior tragedy for this family:
> ===========================
> NSARM death registrations (Cumberland Co)
> [indexed as Pictou Co]
> Year: 1950 Page: 1543
> Name: BOSS, Larry Jordan
> DoB: 1949-03-28 Springhill, NS
> DoD: 1950-02-13 Mountain Road, NS
> Age: 2y 10m 16d
> Cause: fractured skull; car accident
> Occupation: child
> Marital status: single
> Spouse:
> c/o: Percy Boss (NS) & Violet G Pettigrew (NS)
> Burial: 1950-02-15 Leamington, NS
> Undertaker: A H Brown, Springhill, NS
> Informant: Percy Boss, father, Mountain Road, NS
> [collected by EMKeys 2011-01-25]
> ===========================