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>From what I know, John Pendleton Carlow left a wife, Lenora App and 6
children behind in Maine and came north to Nova Scotia to marry Annie
Stephenson Smythe.

Walter Harrison Callow (Walter Callow Veteran¹s Wheelchair Bus fame) was the
only m/o the siblings to go by Callow whereas the other 3 went by Carlow -
Josephine Ruth Carlow; Margaret Gertrude Carlow; Cyril Ambrose Smythe

Mary Ruth Carlow in Annie¹s obit is her granddaughter; Margaret Ruth¹s
daughter out of wedlock, born before Margaret m/1 Hugh McDonald Ripley.


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> Good morning -
> I'm with both Lawrence and Don on this one. The connection is amazing and
> sometimes you can't blink or you miss it here.
> I can also jump in with some information to add to the growing pile. John
> Smythe married Margaret Maria Durant on Nov. 17th 1859 so that makes him
> one of mine. This is what I have had for the children of Robert and Ann
> (Curry) Smythe :
> William : Jul. 12th 1827
> Robert : abt. 1833
> Martha : Jun. 1st 1836
> John : Dec. 19th 1838 - Mar. 20th 1922
> Isabella : 1840 - 1848
> Albert Edward : Oct. 16th 1842 - Apr. 30th 1928
> David : abt. 1847
> I have the following obituary for John Smythe:
> "Mr. Smythe passed away at the home of his daughter, Annie Carlow, on Monday
> morning March 20th at the age of 84 years. He was one of Parrsboro's
> pioneer ship builders. His first wife, Maria Durant predeceased him a
> number of years ago. His second wife predeceased him 5 weeks ago. He is
> survived by 3 children: Annie Carlow - Parrsboro, Frank Smythe - New York,
> Harry Smythe - Mexico. He is also survived by siblings : Mrs. Frank Layton -
> Boston, Robert and Albert Smythe - Parrsboro."
> Martha's married name was incomplete in the obit. She in fact married
> Francis Layton Jenks in Parrsboro on Nov. 20th 1855 and small information
> about them appears in "The Heirs of Francis Layton - The story of a Nova
> Scotia family." compiled by Jack F. Layton (1986). Apparently he was a
> carriage maker and undertaker when they married. The book claims they may
> have gone to Oregon about 1894 but the above obit places them in Boston in
> 1922. They had three children : Cory, Ann and Helen.
> I also have dates and obits for Margaret Maria (Durant) Smythe and Rebecca
> (Mayne) (Dickie) Smythe.
> BTW - didn't know anything about the Delaney thing. :)
> An interested in connecting with anyone who has information on the Callow /
> Carlow situation.
> Sue-Ellyn

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