Finley & Smith obituaries


When I thanked Phil for the obituary of Wilfred Huston Finley, I offered some related obituaries.  Oops... I should have offered these to the entire list.  Here are obituaries that I have that relate to Wilfred Huston Finley:
I have obituaries for his two siblings:
 -- Freda Kathleen Finley (w/o Evan "DeWitt" Smith)
 -- Harold Henry Finley (h/o Pauline Jetta Chapman)
and the obit. for Freda's husband:
 -- Evan "DeWitt" Smith
and the obit. for one of DeWitt's other spouses:
 -- Nettie "Hazel" Vera Graves
and the obits for DeWitt's two children:
 -- Douglas Hiram Smith
 -- Doreen Eleanor Smith (w/o Howard Lincoln Stevens)
If anyone wants any, let me know.

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