Joseph Daniel Burbine of Lower Cove; Brown & McWhirter related

NSARM Cumberland Deaths, 1940; Book #187; Page #582
Joseph Daniel Burbine, Lower Cove, Miner, Married
Born 28 Aug 1909, Lower Cove
Died 9 May 1940, Lower Cove, age 30 years, 9 months, 14 days, of Pneumonia
(Lobar) & Influenza
H/o Ella Brown
S/o John Burbine, Lower Cove, and Welina White, Lower Cove
Informant; Ella Burbine, Lower Cove, Wife
Buried 11 May 1940, Minudie

Source: Dave Winter, 10 Jan 2011
Note: I have him in St. Denis Catholic Cemetery, Minudie