George Melville Cochrane of Fox River

Did George die in Port Greville or seek medical hospital attention over in
Wolfville and died there of Cancer?

Dr. Elliott or Mr. Weadman are not names familiar to the Port Greville area.

NSARM, Kings County Deaths, 1918, Book #40; Page #431; Entry #1242
(Indexed as George Mibeille Cochrane)
George Melville Cochrane, Port Greville, Married, Ship Builder
Born (not listed - est 1865), Fox River
Died 30 Aug 1918, (not listed - Wolfville?), age 53, of Cancer
Physician; Dr. M.R. Elliott
Undertaker; A.J. Weadman?
Buried Port Greville
Informant; K.J. Cochrane, 30 Jul 1918

Source: Dave Winter, 3 Jan 2011