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I made a mistake on this family. Margaret Aiken married James not John. Anna Jane married James, nephew of James. Just don't want to confuse anyone or myself
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Maybe I should also give what I have on Robert Aiken. he was born in Ireland about 1810, his wife, Jane (perhaps Madden) died ( I am assuming during the potato famine). He left Ireland with his 4 children - Mary (1832 - 1918 ), Margaret (1834 - 1892), Anna Jane ( 1836 -1930) and Robert (1845 - ?). The story goes that they visited their mothers grave befpre boarding the ship. Also that a housekeeper came with Robert and the children. I have been able to locate a ship - the John Clarke - arriving in St. John on June 30th 1847. It lists the last name as Eakin. As an age wasn't given to older children. The list goes Robert, Mary, Biddy McAlister, Ann Jane -11, Margaret -6, Robert -4. So, I guess Biddy must be the housekeeper that was mentioned in family stories. The ages of Maragret and Mary are reveresed to the ages I have.
My data has Mary married to John Burns, Margaret unmarried ( buried with her father in Renwick), Anna Jane married James M Burns ( nephew of the above John) and Robert married to Sarah Angus. The Robert Nathaniel married to Rachel Angus that Sheldon mentioned is one of their sons.
I guess after all this I still don't understand how or why this family got from St. John to Northport. The Burns and Angus' came to the area in 1818 so Robert Aiken would only be 10 when they left Ireland. Maybe this will be a part of the puzzle that I will never get answered, but any help would be appreciated. I just feel that they must have had some sort of a connection to the area.
Does anyone else have ancestors who landed in St. John and making the journey to Northport/ Linden area?
Thanks for listening to me ramble
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Hi Pat

I have never been able to contact anyone who could relate exactly when and how Andrew came to North America.

I cannot connect the name Aiken to the Darraghs but my data is no where complete.
I do have a Robert Nathaniel Aikens born about 1867 in Shinimicas married to Rachel Margaret Angus.

Rachel's parents were John Nathaniel Angus and Mary Ann Moore.

Sorry not much help but am very interested in what you may find out.

A belated Happy New Year to all you wonderful contributors from the greater Lower Shinimicas Metropolitian Area! Located on the edge of the planet smack dab in the center of the universe!

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Does anyone know a date/ship etc that Andrew Darragh and his family arrived on. I am assumeing it was in the late 1840's, but not sure.
I was very pleased to find a ship list for Robert Aiken and family in 1847. The name was spelled Eakin, and it has all the correct family names. I am now curious if they landed in St. John why they made the trek to the Linden area. I was wondering if they had personal connections to the Darraghs? Can anyone help me with the Darragh search?

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