Re: hotel in Northport

thanks for this Sheldon, I was told by Ada Brander that it was across from
her place. There is a big white house almost directly across from her
house. I am sending this reply to the group also to see if anyone else can
help. I am looking for the location of a hotel in Northport. It was run by
James and Anna Burns. I am assuming in the mid to late 1800's.
On another note I have John Burns (brother of James) as harbormaster. I
have that documented ok, but there is also a family note I found stating
that he was the Norwegian consulate? I understand that Northport was a busy
lumber shipping port so I assuming it had something to do with that.
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> Hi Pat
> I know my Father has referred to a hotel in Northport when he was
> quite young which I think was located on what I think of as the Thomas
> Brander property but will ask him about your question below, this week.
> He turns 95 next week and still has good faculties and may remember some
> information.
> A Smith family lives up the road from me and a Uncle in their family
> used to have a great deal of info on the area. He passed away some years
> ago but I always meant to ask if he kept any journals. I never got around
> to it but your query has spurred me on as if he kept anything it may be
> very interesting. Will let you know.
> Bye for now
> Sheldon
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> Hello Sheldon,
> Do you know which property was the hotel that was run by James and Anna
> Burns? do you know of any source for photos of the area. I am interested
> in where any of the Burns', Darraghs, Aikens, Moores, and Anugs' lived,
> had mills, etc.
> Pat