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This is not a reply to the McCulley postings, but I do have a question for Dave Winter. For some unknown reason, no posting from Dave Winter shows up on my emails--I only see Dave Winter postings when someone replies to something that has been sent in by Dave Winter. How can this be?

There has been a recent exchange of info about the GRAHAM family/families of Fox River. I only knew about these because of a Dave Winter response to a posting from The Alexanders. I did respond and sent info to both The Alexanders and Dave Winter. These occurred just before Christmas, so I was not surprised to see nothing more from Dave Winter, even though The Alexanders responded. I had hoped for some confirmation, or further questions, about my info.

Dave, have you sent any further messages re GRAHAM family/ies of Fox River?

Hoping for an answer to my question about why no messages from Dave ever show up in my email except as replies to someone else's posting.


Sharon Gubrud

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Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 22:27:15 -0400
Subject: RE: [nscumber] Tired of McCulley? Gee Wiligars to you!

Just a check, for Phoebe Phinney Don Lewis had a death date of 1874 but in
my file I have the following

Old Anglican Cemetery (#61), Parrsboro, Cumberland Co,NS

Stone #1


wife of / Peter Willigar

July 31, 1863

Original reading of this stone was 1863 but marriage was in 1867 Age 64

so year must be 1868

I may have a negative of it somewhere but can't place it right now


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Subject: [nscumber] Tired of McCulley? Gee Wiligars to you!

In consultation with Pam out in B.C. which started with an off line query,
we think we have found some new Willigar data not on the "Willigar and
Connected Families of Parrsboro" website.

I have Phoebe Phinney (1817 to 22 Jan 1874); m/1 James Vincent Bowden.

I have Peter Willigar (1801 to 17 May 1873); m/1 Phoebe Pettis (16 May 1800
- before 1886) on 15 Feb 1825.

Peter Willigar m/2;

NSARM Cumberland Marriages, 1965; Book #1809; Page #11; Entry #153
Peter Willigar
Elizabeth Winnifred Purdy
(no other data given - have to move over the page to locate it)

Source: Dave Winter, 8 Jan 2010
They have a son, Benjamin Wentfield Willigar;

NSARM Cumberland Births, 1866; Book #1805; Page #18; Entry #259
(Indexed as Benjamin Wm. Booth Willigar)
Benjamin Wentfield Willigar, born 27 Mar 1886, Parrsboro
s/o Peter Willigar, Farmer, and Elizabeth Willigar; Married 27 Jun 1866,

Source: Dave Winter, 8 Jan 2010
Note: Marriage was registered in 1865)
Benjamin Wentfield dies;

NSARM Cumberland Deaths, 1866; Book #1805; Page #17; Entry #10
B. Wentfield Willigar, s/o P. Willigar and Elizabeth Willigar
Died 11 Oct 1866, Black Rock, age 7 months, of Inflammatory Diarrhea

Source: Dave Winter, 8 Jan 2010
Mother/wife, Elizabeth Winnifred dies:

NSARM Cumberland Deaths, 1866; Book #1805; Page #17; Entry #10
Elizabeth Willigar, age 27 years, married, born P. E. Island; D/o E. Purdy
and ? ?, died 25 Dec 1899, of Consumption

Source: Dave Winter, 8 Jan 2010
Peter Willigar m/3;

NSARM Cumberland Marriages, 1867; Book #1809; Page #26; Entry #110
Peter Willigar, 63, w, Farmer
Living Parrsboro; Born Parrsboro
S/o Nicholas and Peggy Willigar
Phoebe Bowden, 50, w
Living Parrsboro; Born Parrsboro
D/o Elkanah and Rachel Phinney
Married 15 Aug 1867, Mill Village
By Rev. Robt. Tweedy, Wesley Methodist
Before C.W. Hatfield and Geo. A. Hatherly?

Source: Dave Winter, 8 Jan 2010

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