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Eric etal.:

If one looks at Lawrence¹s Delayed Registered Birth, Amos is deceased by 19
Nov 1928 and Lettie is living in Amherst. Yet, there¹s no Amos Edward McKay
death on the NSARM Website between 1911 and 1928.

Lawrence Adrian¹s sister, Edith May McKay is at 112 Main Street, Springhill
in 1967 as Edith Linkletter.

Lawrence¹s sister, Grace Faustina McKay was at Amherst as Grace Faustina
Clony in 1940 and in Springhill in 1955 as Edith Faustina Legere (Mrs.
Alphie Legere). (Her Delayed Registered Birth is ³Fastina²) Grace¹s mother,
Nettie signs the Affidavit and is also living in Springhill.

Lettie is still alive in Springhill in 1958 when she sign¹s son, Merrill
Arthur McKay¹s Delayed Registered Birth Affidavit.

Believe this is Grace¹s m/2, Alphie Legere:

Springhill¹s Moss Journal;
Legere, Alfred Aldric "Alphie" July 4, 1963 ___ 18, 1914 McKay, Grace
Mrs. h/w NS b. Legere's Corner, NB s/o Aldric; d. Lewisville, NB

Despite spellings, ³MacKay², Shulee² and ³Coates², I believe this is Lettie
Mary (Cotes) McKay:

Springhill¹s Moss Journal.;
MacKay, Amos (Mrs.) February 18, 1960 1861 99 y Coates, Lillie h/w b.
Shulee d/o Wm. & Lavinia; m. Oct. 30, 1894

If one looks at Bertram Amos McKay¹s 1952 death record, (indexed as
Burtram), his son, Carl says Lettie (his grandmother) was born in Maine,
U.S.A. The 1901 and 1911 Census both have her born 1871 NOT 1861 but her
marriage record works out to 1861.

Secondly, I believe Amos Edward McKay, born Parrsboro 8 Mar 1851, had an
older brother, James Alexander McKay (17 May 1841 to before 1911) who m/1
widow Udavilla (Quinn) Brown (Mrs. Richard Brown) on 2 Jan 1896, Parrsboro.


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> NSARM Cumberland County death registrations
> Year: 1950 Page: 1544
> Name: McKAY, Lawrence Adrian
> DoB: 1903-07-06 Shulie, NS
> DoD: 1950-02-13 Amherst, NS
> Age: 46y 7m 7d
> Cause: Heart failure, collapsed left lung & left emphyema/
> homicide on 1950-02-01stabbing with a sharp instrument/
> stab wound apex of left lung - Henry A Myers, MD, coroner
> Occupation: carpenter
> Marital status: single
> Spouse:
> c/o: Amos McKay (Parrsboro) & Lettie Cates (USA)
> Burial: 1950-02-16 Amherst, NS
> Undertaker: R A Furlong
> Informant: Walter McKay, brother, Amherst
> [collected by EMKeys 2010-01-08]
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