Re: McKay Related

NSARM Cumberland County marriage registrations
Year: 1929 Book: 56 Page: 348
Groom: McKAY, Merrill Arthur, 29, b, lumberman, UCoC
living Amherst, born Shulie
s/o Amos McKay (Parrsboro) & Lettie Cates
Bride: MASTON, Rita Marion, 22, s, Baptist
living Amherst, born Amherst
d/o George Maston (Young's Cove, NB) & Annie Read
married 1929-08-07 Amherst, NS (bride's home)
license # 13257
before Mrs Harold Maston (only witness recorded)
by F L Orchard, Baptist, Amherst
[collected by EMKeys 2009-01-07]

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