Adolphus BAXTER - 2

Hello again Geoff,

(1) You mentioned that you were looking for the dates of death and places of burial for:
- Adolphus BAXTER
- his wife, Caroline WARD

Sorry, but I don't have this but I suspect it was before the 1891 census because I cannot find Alice or her parents in that census (perhaps because both parents were deceased and Alice was living with another family?).

(2) You said your grandmother (Alice BAXTER) had an older sister, Agnes. Sorry, but I don't recognize this name. The only siblings that I have are:
Sarah Jane BAXTER, born 17-Jun-1874 in Port Phillip, Cumberland Co. (from birth reg.)
Augusta BAXTER, born about 1876 (from 1881 census)

Geoff - What makes you believe there was an older sister, Agnes?

Kathryn - I wonder if Agnes might be a CHAPPELL; are you aware of an Agnes CHAPPELL, d/o Marcus & Caroline WARD?


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