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Subject: [nscumber] Greene Island and Reads Island Cemetary


Read Island is not currently an island only a high point in the marsh. Your
description of the location sounds fairly accurate. Stephen and wife Mary
are probably buried there. Their son Robert is buried there and the
headstone is badly eroded. Other Read family members are also buried there.
My mother visited the cemetery in the 1930's and recorded the names and
dates at that time to send to relatives in Ontario. I have the list
somewhere! The cemetery is on private land which I believe belongs to Elsie
Peterson and her husband. I can send you pictures of Read Island and the
cemetery if you wish. I will also post them on the NSCUMBER website.

I hope this is of some help.


Hi Ginny.
I will put this message on the board,someone might recognize Greene
Island.On my N.S. roadmap,I have a blow-up of Amherst and it shows an island
in the Nappan River where the Southampton Rd. leaves Amherst Point and
crosses the Nappan River.
Someone might connect the "Reads Island Cemetary" to this location and tell
you where it is.
The part in the Scott bible where it says "King George the third said to
bring the body of Stephen Read to him "probably referred to Stephen Read
joining with the Patriot forces during the American Revolution.
Bye for now,Frank

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