Re: William Gilbert Welton

Good morning folks. Yes, is the answer to your question about the
Cumberland County Weltons and the Kings County/Annapolis County
Weltons. If you are interested in the link, I would be happy to
oblige. My father's parents were both connected to the Welton family
of Cumberland County (Glasgow Mountain specifically).


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> It's quite possible, Cora. But at the moment I can't make the
connection because I can't find them in the Census records. Gilbert
was actually living in Centerville when he married Effie suggesting to
me that there "might" have been a connection to this area of NS.
> Gilbert's parents don't seem to show up anywhere except in his
marriage records.
> There are a couple of other listers who are connected to the
Weltons, so perhaps they have some additional information.
> Rick
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