LAVERS - one more

NSARM Cumberland County marriage registrations
Year: 1932 Book: 66 Page: 628
Groom: LAVERS, James Percy Adams, 23, b, farmer, UCoC
living Maccan, born Maccan
s/o James Millar Lavers & Elizabeth Jane Adams
Bride: SELLARS, Florence Rebecca Jane, 22, s, housekeeper, UCoC
living Amherst Head, born Amherst Head
d/o Nathan Sellars (Lawrencetown, NS) & May Brooks
married 1932-06-14 Parsonage of UC, Amherst, NS
licence # 22798
before James Ottie Doyle, Mrs Ottie Doyle
by William I Croft, UCoC Amherst, NS
[collected by EMKeys

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