Re: Exporting GEDCOM files question

You will probably get all the help you need and then some. :-)
Send it as an attachment. When she gets your file, all she has to do is
import it but she should make a new file first and import it into that
new file to be sure that all is well with the file, then she can copy as
she wants to or import the whole file.
Hope that helps,

Jim Welsh, 1/5/2008

frogisprite59 wrote:
> Hi all i need some help to export a large gedcom file. My family tree
> is the LDS paf 5.5, a member of my family wants a copy of my records
> so i got her down load the paf 5.5 & now i have to send her the info.
> I made up a gedcon file that is 489KB in size, can i just e-mail it to
> her or do i have to put it on a web space. It does not say in my help
> topics. Also how does she put it on her new family tree. Sorry for
> using the Cumberland board for my question but my kids have all moved
> out so i am on my own. Thanks Terry Goode
> Researching Good/Goode Canfield Hamilton
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