Re: Children of Mayford Phinney


I have other children for Mayford & Edith (Harrington) Phinney but I assume that you were tracking the marriages in your previous email.

I have

Gertrude b 1904-12-25 married Harry Phinney
Kathleen 1905-09-03 married Vincent Clayton MacNeil
Emily Edna 1909-01-27 d 1909 (can't find her on NSARM)
Ensley Michael 1909-01-27
Dennis 1911-11-03
Marshall Kitchener 1915-10-28
Wylie Willigar 1917-07-03 married Audrey Mary McCully
Geraldine Jeanette 1922-08-14 married 1/ Leif Heimstad 2/ Frederick Seaman
Clayton Bruce 1927-04-21 d 1927-05-02 (see below)

without dates:

Ruth Margaret
Jayne married A P Corcoran
Rebecca Loreen married Edward Charles Sellons


NSARM Cumberland County death registrations
Year: 1927 Book: 120 Page: 199
Name: PHINNEY, Clayton Bruce
DoB: 1927-04-21 Parrsboro, NS
DoD: 1927-05-02 Parrsboro, NS
Age: 13d
Cause: convulsions
Marital status: single
c/o: Mayford Phinney (NS) & Edith Harrington (NS)
Burial: 1927-05-03 Episcopal, Black Rock, NS
Informant: Mayford Phinney, father, Parrsboro, NS
[collected by EMKeys 2008-12-10]

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