Re: TUPPER, Capt. Burpee Rufus, NEWCOMBE related

Hi again Dave,

My thanks again for clearing my question. Although not even a distant
relation, these families are parallel to some of my ancestors and by
having them in my Reunion it provides an east coast background to
this westerner.

I am currently having problems with sorting out the recent Rogers
postings, specifically the parentage of Stan and Garnet and who was
the father of Nathan Allison "Al" Rogers.

Unlike Pam's earlier comment, we here in Terrace have not had any
snow for well over a week, what we did have was rained away prior to
the cold, which is now -12.4º


On 23-Dec-08, at 4:24 PM, David Winter wrote:

> Hi Ron:
> You¹re possibly correct about the snow removal in that I didn¹t
> proof read
> it before I posted it. I copied the obit several years ago and just
> noticed
> the typo now. In the obit, it should be Gordon B. not Jordan B.
> Thanks for picking up on it. Below is correct.
> Dave

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