Stan Rogers - Cumberland Connection


Stanley Allison Rogers (1949-1983) has other more tenuous connections to Cumberland County.

His maternal grandmother was Letitia Mary Narraway Hart of Canso, NS. Her father, Stan's maternal great-grandfather, George N W Hart, was a brother to Letitia Ann Hart (1843-1915) who was married to William Frederick Desbarres, Jr, grandson of Joseph-Frédéric Wallet Desbarres & Hélène Melanson of Minudie.


NSARM Guysborough County marriage registrations
Year: 1914 Book: 30 Page: 222
Groom: BUSHELL, Sidney, 26, b, cable operator, Methodist
living Hazel Hill, born Torbridge, Kent, ENG
s/o George & Sarah Bushell, baker & confectioner
Bride: HART, Letitia Mary Narraway, 20, s, Methodist
living Canso, born Canso
d/o George & Ella Hart, major
married 1914-06-03 Canso, NS
before Elsie Ethel Whitman Hart, Jed? F Wilkinson?
by Harold Tomkinson, Methodist
[collected by EMKeys 2008-12-22]
NSARM Cumberland County death registrations
Year: 1928 Book: 122 Page: 300 Number:
Name: HART, George W
DoB: 1847-06-06 NS
DoD: 1928-08-03 Canso, NS
Age: 81y 1m 28d
Cause: apoplexy (cerebral hemorrhage)
Occupation: merchant
Marital status: widowered
c/o: William Hart (NS) & Letitia Whitman (NS)
Burial: 1928-08-05 Canso, NS
Informant: A Scott Hart, son, Canso, NS
[collected by EMKeys 2008-12-22]

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