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NSARM Cumberland Deaths, 1950; Book #1950; Page #3253
Burpee Rufus Tupper, Parrsboro, Married, Master Mariner
Born 1 Apr 1862, N.S.
Died 18 Apr 1950, Old Age Home, Apple River, age 88 years, 17 days
H/o Linda Tupper
S/o Gordon B. Tupper, N.S., and Ruth Newcombe, N.S.
Informant; Linda Tupper, Parrsboro, Wife
Buried 21 Apr 1950, Parrsboro

Source: Dave Winter, 21 Dec 2008
Parrsboro Record, Tuesday, April 25, 1950, pg. #1; Reel #2866, NSARM,
Halifax, N.S.
OBITUARY: Captain Burpee Tupper
Captain Burpee Tupper, one of Parrsboro's well known master mariners, passed
away on Tuesday evening, April 18th after a lengthy period of health.
Eighty-eight years of age, Captain Tupper was born at Scott's Bay, Kings
County, a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Bowlby Tupper. He has resided
in Parrsboro for the past forty-four years. Following the sea from his
youth, Captain Tupper, before coming to Parrsboro, was engaged in the
passenger boat service between Bay of Fundy ports. For many years, he was
master and owner of a number of well known tug boats operating out of this
port, until his retirement several years ago. He is survived by his widow,
the former Linda Tupper and by one son and one daughter, Charles Tupper of
Toronto; and (Nita) Mrs. Stanley Rogers of Oxford. Another son, Captain
Nathan Tupper predeceased him in January 1948. There are several
grandchildren and great grandchildren. The funeral service was held from his
late residence at Whitehall on Friday afternoon, Rev. Carl Jones
officiating. Interment was made in the Baptist Cemetery.

Source: Dave Winter, 21 Dec 2008
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13 Nov 1912, Baptist, Parrsboro, N.S.
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NSARM Cumberland Marriages: 1942; Book #40; Page #297
Nathan Tupper, Mariner, 24, b, Baptist
Living Parrsboro, Born Spencer's Island
S/o Burpee Tupper, Scott's Bay and Linda Tupper
Vanessa Berry, 23, s, Baptist
Living Advocate, Born Advocate
D/o Leonard Berry, Advocate and Alberta Brown
Married 14 Jan 1924, 1 Rupert Street, Amherst (Baptist)

Source: Dave Winter, 21 Dec 2008
Note: Divorced at Halifax, N.S. On 29 Jun 1943
His son's "relationship"?;

NSARM Cumberland Deaths: 1934; Book 159; Page #770
Bona Lane Spicer, Fox River
Born 6 Oct 1933 Fox River
Died 6 Sep 1934, age 11 months, Fox River, Pneumonia following Whooping
D/o Nathan Tupper, Parrsboro and Leah E. Spicer, Fox River
Informant, Mrs. Lester Spicer, Fox River, Grandmother
Undertaker, Ivan McCully
Buried 8 Sep 1934 Fox River

Source: Dave Winter, 21 Dec 2008
Note: Leah Elizabeth Spicer later m/1 Frank George Lowe of River Hebert on
24 Apr 1941, United Church Manse, River Hebert.
His son's m/2;

Parrsboro Record, Tuesday, September 18, 1945, pg. #1; Reel #2865, NSARM,
Halifax, N.S.
WEDDINGS: Tupper - Joyce
The marriage of Nema Clayola Joyce, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. James
Joyce to Capt. Nathan F. Tupper, son of Captain and Mrs. Burpee Tupper, all
of Parrsboro, took place quietly at the home of the bride's brother, Burpee
Joyce and Mrs. Joyce at Dartmouth on September 7th. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. J.V. Tingley, pastor of the United Church in Dartmouth, in
the presence of immediate relatives and friends.

Source: Dave Winter, 21 Dec 2008
Note: Nema was previously married to Chester Bradley Beeswanger
Parrsboro Record, Tuesday, January 2, 1934, pg. #1; Reel #2861, NSARM,
Halifax, N.S.
WEDDINGS: Beeswanger ­ Joyce
(Excerpts only)
On Saturday evening, December 6, 1933 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James
Joyce of Port Greville, N.S., Rev. Grinwell Zwicker m/1 Nema Clayola Joyce
and Chester Bradley Beeswanger of Truro, N.S.

Source: Dave Winter, 21 Dec 2008
His son;

Parrsboro Record, Tuesday, January 27, 1948, pg. #1; Reel #2866, NSARM,
Halifax, N.S.
OBITUARY: (name or date not listed)
Many friends were shocked on Sunday to hear of the sudden passing of Capt.
Nathan F. Tupper, 48, which occurred here at the home of his parents, Capt.
and Mrs. Burpee Tupper, after a short illness. Born in Parrsboro, Capt.
Tupper has followed the sea since a young man in his teens and through the
years was owner and master of various tug boats in this port and was well
known in marine circles. For the past three years he has been the master of
the Irving Oil Tanker "Mollie G.", sailing from Saint John to other New
Brunswick and Nova Scotia ports. A month ago he came home on sick leave.
Surviving besides his parents, are his wife, the former Neima Joyce; two
sons by a former marriage, Charles Tupper, a member of the crew of the oil
tanker on which his father was master; and Nathan, in Parrsboro. Also by a
brother and sister, Charles Tupper in Toronto and Mrs. Stanley Rogers in
Oxford. The funeral service will be held from his parent's residence on
Tuesday afternoon and will be conducted by Rev. Carl Jones, pastor of the
Baptist Church. Captain Tupper was a member of Minas Lodge AF & AM No 67 in
Parrsboro and lodge officers will assist at the service. Interment was made
in the Baptist Cemetery.

Source: Dave Winter, 21 Dec 2008
NSARM Cumberland Deaths: 1948; Book #1948; Page #1176
Nathan Fenwick Tupper, Parrsboro, Master Mariner
Born 11 Jun 1899 N.S.
Died 25 Jan 1948, age 48 years, 7 months, 6 days, Parrsboro, of Acute
Cardiac Failure
H/o Nema Joyce Tupper; S/o Burpee Tupper and Linda Tupper
Informant; Linda Tupper, Parrsboro, Mother
Buried 27 Jan 1948, Parrsboro

Source: Dave Winter, 21 Dec 2008