Re: GEORGE family from Parrsboro

Hi David

A small correction, Minor's only wife, Clara Alma Smith is the daughter
of Henry Moore Smith and Hannah Jane (Pearson) Forbes, not Harrison as
you had.


David wrote:

Hi Pam:

Ditto for me as well.

I brought it up as on Frank George¹s registered death, with his wife as
the informant, it sure looks like his father is listed as James George,
born ³Parrsboro² which possibly connects him to the other GEORGE¹s somehow.

There¹s a Colchester 1919 marriage in which Winnifred George m/1 John
Ross Snook and says her father, Frank George was born in Brooklyn, New
York. Then, there¹s a Colchester 1932 marriage in which Minor Dickson
George m/1 Clara Alma Smith and says his father, Frank George was born
in Folly Lake. B.T.W., Clara Alma Smith, born Oxford, was a d/o Henry
Smith (born Parrsboro) and Hannah Jane Harrison.

Do you want a small gedcom around Frank George of what I have so far
³just in case somewhere down the road!²?