Lower Five Islands; Colchester or Cumberland County


Today we drove to Diligent River to drop off a few Christmas gifts before
the roads got too bad.

Returning, I took note of the following as a "Doubting Thomas":

Leaving Moose River, traveling towards Truro, there's a stretch of
"wilderness". Then, 1.8 km before the Harrington River Bridge, while still
in Cumberland County, there's a sign on the right saying Lower Five Islands.
As you proceed further towards Truro you pass the Blue Sac Road on the
right, then cross the Harrington River Bridge into Colchester County.
There's a sign oh each side of the bridge, one "Colchester County" and
another "Cumberland County". The Lynn Road is immediately to your left as
you cross the bridge, heading towards Truro. You then pass through more of
Lower Five Islands, Colchester County until arriving at Five Islands.

So, that's why some NSARM vitals for Lower Five Islands are recorded in
Cumberland County while others are recorded in Colchester County. The
"County Line" is the Harrington River Bridge which cuts through a part of
Lower Five Islands; thus part is in Cumberland County while the rest is in
Colchester County.

This is similar to several homes along our Canada - United States border.
Part of the house is technically in Canada while the other part is
technically in the United States.