Re: Flora S. (Phinney) McCormick, Hall of Springhill &_ Parrsboro


Thanks for the geography lesson; I¹m not all that familiar with that area of
Cape Breton.

That¹s why I said something was ³fishy² about Bernard Hall in my previous
posting. Flora¹s Bernard was living in Cape Breton in 1949 while she was
living in Rodney with her daughter. At any rate, Bernard was younger than
Flora so maybe he fibbed about his age as possibly back then it was OK for a
man to marry a younger woman but not vice versa?

I¹ll add Bernard¹s name to my ³Todo² list for next week to check the Herald
Obit Index to see if there¹s another one in that. Also, to see if there are
any Sydney area newspapers on microfilm that might have carried his 1956

Flora¹s obit to follow shortly.


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> Hi Dave:
> Bernard Hall died at Harbourview Hospital in Sydney Mines, NS not in Sydney.
> I am starting to think we have two Bernard Halls, both coal miners, both with
> fathers named John and mothers with Tobin as a surname. Crazier things have
> happened? Or maybe one Bernard Hall who went to Springhill for work and got
> married there without divorce from m/1 and then scooted back to Sydney Mines
> to be with Mary by 1956.
> Bernard Hall who married Mary Margaret MacIntosh was 30 when they wed.
> Bernard Hall who married widow Florence MacCormick was 40 (only three years
> later). I can find no death registration for Mary Margaret (MacIntosh) Hall
> and believe that she may have lived beyond 1957.
> On Bernard Hall's death registration it reveals that he has been "at the place
> where death occurred" for "Life" which means he never left Sydney Mines (but
> maybe in error).
> In 1901 he lives with John & Kate, 1911 John & Catherine, 1924 mother is
> Elizabeth, 1927 mother is Sarah???
> Here is his stone from St Joseph's Cemetery, Sydney Mines, Cape Breton County,
> NS as transcribed by Recorded by Candace Boudreau & Debbie MacKinnon. Typed by
> Beverly Darby-Brown.
> Recorded in July 1998. Note that he is buried alone!
> =======================
> Hall
> In loving memory of
> Bernard Hall 1894 - 1956
> "Rest in peace"
> =======================
> We'll need some more information on Bernard Hall to finally settle him in any
> family trees. I'll keep looking in my CB files to see if I can find anything.
> Eric
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