Re: Captain Cecil Desmond of Parrsboro


Thank you for the correction of McGuire to McGuirk. The difference of one
letter makes all the difference. I couldn¹t locate anything under McGuire
but remember seeing things on McGuirk and will go back at digging.


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> The information I have is as follows : Capt. Cecil Desmond was born in
> Whitehall, Parrsboro, on June 2nd 1899 - a son (one of 8 children) born to
> Capt. Daniel Desmond and Lena Maude Kenny. (Capt. Dan Desmond, his son
> Richard and others were lost in 1933 when the 'Ena F Parsons' capsized in
> the Bay of Fundy.) Capt. Cecil Desmond married Frances Cecelia McGuirk,
> daughter of Owen Edward McGuirk and Emma Jane Durant (incorrectly listed in
> the census under the name McGuire). Cecil and Frankie had known each other
> most of their lives and had attended school together in Parrsboro. They had
> 3 children : Michael Desmond (b. 1930 d. 1930); Mary Con Desmond (b. Oct.
> 7th 1935) and Judith Cecile Desmond (b. Oct. 9th 1937). The 2 daughters
> married, have had children and live in the Boston area. After his
> retirement Cecil had a general store.
> As for the McGuirks - Owen Edward McGuirk was one of 11 children born to
> Owen McGuirk and Mary Elizabeth Aitken (aunt of William Maxwell Aitken, Lord
> Beaverbrook) Many of the children were lost young but there was one -
> William (Bill) who remained in Parrsboro. A few of the other ended up in
> the Boston area, New York or, in the case of Owen Edward - lived out west,
> in New York, back in Parrsboro for a time and finally in the Detroit area.
> Owen was actually killed by a train - hit while driving through a train
> crossing. Frankie was one of three children. She had an older brother Owen
> Regis McGuirk (known by his middle name) and a younger sister Constance Eva
> Maria McGuirk.
> Sue-Ellyn

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