Captain Cecil Desmond of Parrsboro

Perhaps someone tracking the DESMOND's and who has access to the Mass.
Deaths could obtain his exact death date from the clues below.

Do not know at this time if he was married or had issue of any children as
this obit isn't complete as per the note at the bottom.

Springhill Record, Thursday, February 6, 1969, pg. #7; Reel #3226, NSARM,
Halifax, N.S.
OBITUARY: Capt. Cecil Desmond
Captain Cecil Desmond, 69, of West Water Street, Rockland, Mass., retired
merchant marine officer who survived two World War II torpedoings, died last
week at the Plymouth County Hospital in Hanson, after an illness of several
months. He was president of the Rockland Chamber of Commerce and for the
past ten years operated a local real estate business. Captain Desmond, one
of Rockland's better known citizens, was born in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, son
of the late Daniel and Maude (Kenny) Desmond. He began his seafaring career
at the age of 15 on the schooner his father commanded out of the Bay of
Fundy. He remained in the schooner trade from 1916 to 1926, receiving his
Canadian Master's papers in 1928, and American and Dominican papers soon
afterward. He joined in United Fruit Co., as a master and captained the
company's ships for 33 years, winning a company medal for service and
"beyond the call of duty" during World War II. He also won a presidential
citation. His family moved to Rockland during the early part of World War
II. On the night of May 2, 1942, the S.S. Nacaroa, a freighter commanded by
Captain Desmond was hit by a submarine's torpedo about 400 miles off San
Salvador. The vessel sank within three minutes and Captain Desmond and his
crew boarded a raft. The next day, they drove off sharks with a boat hook
and were rescued that night by a tanker. Captain Desmond's second torpedoed
ship was the Eustis, hit on the night of March 16, 1943. The crew manned
life rafts and were picked up the next morning by a British battleship.
Captain Desmond retired from the sea in 1960, but remained active in the
community. He was elected to his third term as president of the Rockland
Chamber of Commerce in 1968. He was a former member of the Rockland Finance
Committee and was a member of St. Bridget's Holy Name Society in Abington
and the church choir. He was also a .....................

(The obit stops here and doesn't continue anywhere in the next column or
next page. The rest was perhaps accidentally replaced by an ad by the type
setter and not picked up on by the editor. The Parrsboro Record is not
microfilmed after 1968 so no luck on the rest of the obit there.)

Source: Dave Winter, 25 Nov 2008