Elsie Hughes

I show her as the d/o George Hughes and Eunice Hatfield.

Parrsboro Record, Tuesday, January 30, 1945, pg. #3; Reel #2865, NSARM,
Halifax, N.S.
OBITUARY: Mrs. Elsie Sherrif
Port Greville, January 6th - The death of Mrs. Elsie Sherrif, widow of the
late Zoeth Sherrif, occurred suddenly at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs.
Violet Mahar on Sunday, December 31. She was born at Diligent River, 76
years ago and was the former Elsie Hughes, daughter of the late George and
Eunice Hughes. She was a member of the Baptist Church in Port Greville to
which she was devoted. Surviving are two sons, Benjamin of Amherst; and
Purdy of Springhill; also two sisters, Mrs. Janet McLeod, Parrsboro; Mrs.
Ella Wheaton, Fox River; and a brother, Archie Hughes of Fox River. The
funeral was held in Amherst on Tuesday afternoon, January 2nd, conducted by
Rev. H.C. Olsen, with burial in the Baptist Cemetery besides her late

Source: Dave Winter
NSARM Cumberland Deaths 1944; Book #213; Page #824
Elsie L. Sherriff, Fox River, Widowed
Born 28 Oct 1868, Fox River
Died 31 Dec 1944, Fox River, age 76 years, 2 months, 3 days
D/o George Hughes, N.S., and Eunice Hatfield, N.S.
Informant; Ben Sherriff, 82 W. Victoria Street, Amherst, Son
Buried 2 Jan 1945, Highland View Cemetery

Source: Dave Winter 30 Oct 2007
NSARM Cumberland Deaths 1937; Book #167; Page #400
(Indexed as Sherreffs)
Joseph H. Sherriff, Married, Labourer, Prince Arthur Street, Amherst
Born 14 Nov 1861, N.S.
Died 17 Jan 1937, Amherst, age 75 years, 2 months, 3 days
H/o Elsie Sherriff
S/o David Sherriff, N.S., and ??phnpel? Harlow, N.S.
Informant; Ben Sherriff, Prince Arthur Street, Amherst, Son
Buried 19 Jan 1937, Highland View Cemetery

Source: Dave Winter 30 Oct 2007
NSARM Cumberland Deaths 1944; Book #213; Page #471
Vertis Marie Wheaton, widowed, Fox River
Born 25 Jun 1893, N.S.
Died 16 Jan 1944, Fox River, age 50 years, 6 months, 22 days
D/o Zoeth Sherriff and Elsie Hughes
Informant; Morton Wheaton, Fox River, Son
Buried 20 Jan 1944, Port Greville

Source: Dave Winter 30 Oct 2007
NSARM Cumberland Marriages 1929; Book #57; Page #608
Douglas D. Mahar, Mechanic, b, 27
Living ?????, Alberta; Born ?????, Alberta
S/o James Mahar, Ireland, and Georgina Shaw?
Violet Wheaton, Housewife, s, 22
Living Fox River; Born Fox River
D/o Clifford Wheaton, N.B., and Vertis Sherriff
Married 9 Nov 1929, Baptist, Parrsboro

Source: Dave Winter 30 Oct 2007