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Hi Dave,
I agree that sharing information benefits everyone. At the moment I�m
writing a book about my paternal 3 x great grandfather Honorable Chief
Factor John Work and don�t have time to work on my Nova Scotia families.
However by monitoring this list I�ve been so lucky to receive tidbits
that relate to my Nova Scotia families.
I agree sharing genealogical information without stating the source can
be problematic. I�ve been burned badly, however I chalk it up to
experience. I always source my information, and give credit where
credit is due.
My George information is not up to date so today I�m going to spend a
few hours on the family and see if I can connect Ronald.
Thanks again for posting your Nova Scotia information on the group. As
a British Columbian I hope to get to Nova Scotia one day, but until then
I value this list.

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