Brown lines of Cumberland

In comparing notes with Bruce Brown I decided to try and sort out my
various Brown lines that do not seem to be connected. Can anyone fit
the missing pieces???

William Brown & Jane Walker
Elijah and Henrietta Cannon
William Allen Brown who married Sarah Durant 14 March 1840, Parrsboro
James Brown and Sarah ? who had Arthur Wellington Brown 1847 and
Albert Brown 1852, Parrsboro
Benjamin Brown born 1811 New Horton, N.B. and Eleanor Spicer of New
Yarmouth, Cumberland County (one of my lines)
Benjamin Brown born Feb 1828 married Mary Ann Gallagher Dec 1853
Benjamin Brown born abt 1841 Parrsboro son of Benjamin Brown and ?
Dimock (Is this your James Richard Brown?)
William Ananias Brown and Mary ?
Thomas Brown and Sarah who had William Henry J Brown born 1833
Francis Brown (born Ireland) and Elizabeth Stevenson, lived in
Wallace area
David Brown born abt 1821 and Margaret McKeand married abt 1845
Wentworth (Westchester line)
Bennet Brown born Belgium and Elizabeth ? (Bennet went by the name
Suzie and was murdered in Maccan in 1872)
Joseph Brown born abt 1798 Amherst who married Patience ? and lived
in the Halfway River/Parrsboro area.
John Brown born abt 1742 Yorkshire and Amy Wilson who lived in the
Wallace area
Hiram Brown who married Margaret Dacres 1856 in Parrsboro (my line)
Joseph Jamieson Brown born abt 1815 who married Sarah Brown 1846 in
Amherst and lived in the Maccan area.