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Hi Penny:

Thanks for checking the Lunns.

Charles Edward Winters was another older brother to Capt. Joseph Winters as
well as my great great grandfather, John Winter. Nancy Lovely m/2 George
Viner over in Scott's Bay after Charles Edward died. Hannah Winters -
Frederick Redmond, I'm familiar with as it's Rick Redmond's direct line.
Frederick Redmond (Hannah's husband) was killed 27 Nov 1918, WWI Overseas as
a member of the U.S. Army.

Thanks again.


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No David, I don't have a Clyde Lunn, but then again I didn't research all
the children of John Lunn. I was just doing the one line in reference to my
friend. So perhaps he could be a descendant of anyone of them. However, I
did notice in Joan Greene's brother's obituary, of March 2007, reference
made to other Lunn's as well. I did find phone number for a Clyde H Lunn in
Mt Denison.
The only Winters I have in my database are one Edward Winters married to a
Nancy Lovely and their daughter Hannah who married Frederick Redmond.
Perhaps a connection? According to my data Hannah was born in 1878 in
Advocate and died 1937 Parrsboro.
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